Our Story

Plastic in the Ocean is devastating – not only to marine life, but also to tourism.

Tackle Plastic was born out of a trip to Bali where the terrible effects of plastic waste are visible first hand.

While stepping over the plastic, strewn across the once pristine beaches, we asked ourselves: Where was all the Plastic coming from? Were people dumping waste directly into the Ocean?

After weeks of research, it was clear that the issue was not as simple as it seemed and we felt we needed to do something.

Back home in Europe it became even more evident that the Plastic Problem originated in our back yard home and on land, rather than in the Ocean. Cleaning the Ocean is one way to tackle it, and so many are doing an outstanding job, but why not tackle the problem on land, where it originates?

A casual walk along the river Seine in Paris and the Champs de Mars in front of the Eiffel Tower pushed home the fact that plastic waste needs to be taken care of at home. Our cities are fighting the brave fight, but should they be all alone?

Our goal is to start a private plastic waste collection program, to sensibilise the public, and work together with public authorities to clean up our cities before plastic waste finds its way into our rivers and then our oceans.

We want to tackle plastic waste head on in the places they first become waste.

We plan to work with recycling companies to make sure our collected plastic gets into the right hands and stays out of the Ocean.

This is our story and how we Tackle Plastic.

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