Why another blog on plastic and the ocean?

The power to change the world starts with one gesture, one step and the desire to do something – the CFO

Is Paradise Lost?

I grew up in the Ocean. A cold ocean in the Southern Hemisphere that can caress you one day and beat the hell out of you the next.

I grew up in the Ocean, surfing spots like Danger Beach and Kalk Bay, cutting school with my friends to go find the green room.

I grew up in the Ocean, being aware of it’s fury, it’s gentleness and learning to respect it for the living being it is.

I grew up in the Ocean, clean and pure.

Over 100 000 marine animals die each year as a result of plastic entanglement and ingestion.

There are dead zones in the oceans that have been created by pollution, and in which any form of life is impossible.

What have we done to the Ocean?

Ocean’s make up over three quarters of the surface of the planet and hold 97% of the world’s water. Ocean’s also absorb the most carbon out of the atmosphere, more than any other part of the planet, and produce more than half of the oxygen in the air.

In February of this year a young sperm whale washed up on the beach in Spain. What killed it? 30 kilograms/ 64 pounds of ingested plastic had caused the severe infection that killed the whale.

About 12% of the world’s population rely on the fishing industry for their livelihoods. The majority in the developing world.

We are standing on the edge of an abyss and have to act now. The fate of the Ocean is now in our hands.

This site aims to curate the best of the world’s ideas and thoughts on how we can fix this problem we are facing, intermingled with loads of original content.

The goal of this site is to find a solution and be relentless in the search for one.

Join us.

Tackle Plastic Pollution

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